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AAAGB stands for Advanced Advertising Across Global Business
AAAGB is powered by

InterConsult21 is  not in the Business of MLM, Pyramid Organization, Bulk Mail, Free Exchange, Pay Per Click, Bidding or Sponsorship. 

AAAGB is the infrastructure for InterConsult21 ultimate goal for Globalization and promotion of World Class Company.
You can Advertise your Business and designing a link from our Top Positioning to your Business.  
Advertising increases your visibility, presents your Company in almost Unique way and eventually Increase Sale of your Products / Services. Advertising with us empowers your image as a
World Class Company


AAAGB is on the Online Business and Online Advertising.

Why Online Business?

The new era of eBusiness and Internet dictates the way of conducting Business. 
The Internet has more than 1,700,000,000 Online pages, more than 1,000,000,000 Businesses pages and more than 450,000,000 Online Business pages.
To be part of this ever-growing industry you have to think twice about getting into the Online Business.
            Can you ignore the Opportunity of the Online Business?
            How can you get in the Online Business?

Certainly, you cannot ignore the power of the Online Business.
Getting in the Online Business is very tough. You need to be on TOP of the Online Business to boost your opportunity and to Increase Sale.

Why Online Advertising?

Once you discover the power of Online Business and thinking in how to get your own
Business to be on TOP of the Online Business, you will realize the importance of Online Advertising.  Without Online Advertising, your Business has NO CHANCE to be on TOP of the Online Business.

Why using AAAGB?

AAAGB, which stands for Advanced Advertising Across Global Business, has already build up the infrastructure that helps you to JUMP into the TOP of the Online Business.

AAAGB adapts high standards and rely mostly on its own strength in promoting your Business. We do not engage in Free Exchanges, Pay per Click or Bulk Mail as we cannot see how this will benefit you as Business Advertisers.

AAAGB is an integrated Concept that address the Business needs for Online Advertising and generating genuine traffic to your Business with the aim of Increase Sale.

AAAGB has limited TOP Places to advertise your Online Business. You donít need to worry much about the Placement of your Business. You donít need to wait long. Within One week of contracting our services you will find your Company on the TOP of Online Business among 21 others World Class Companies. 

In addition:
- You have the True opportunity to increase your visibility and Increase Sale at your National as well as your selected Global Marketing.
- You have the opportunity to Advertise your Products / Services with almost Unique Identity in your own Core Business along with Top World Class Company. Only few Companies are giving this opportunity.
AAAGB operates at several local languages and you can reach your Global Marketing at their own local language.

How to Advertise with AAAGBís Integrated Solution in 5 Steps.


1. Strategy:
Select your Advertising Strategy.    

2. Terms and Conditions:
Read carefully InterConsult21ís Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Terms of Service

3. Shopping:
Use our Shopping Cart to select the different types for Advertising.

Use your opportunity to Increase Sale professionally; Increase your Visibility through our Links.
Use your opportunity to communicate with the Whole World through our VideoTeleConference.

Create a Priceless Reputation for your Business as World Class Company. Reserve a Place.

4. Payment:
Carry out the Ordering Payment using our secured Online Payment. If you donít want to pay by Credit Card, please Contact us to forward our Bank information.

5. Submitting your Materials:

Submit your publishing materials. AAAGB can help you in publishing your materials against special prices.

Use your opportunity to Advertising with local Languages at your selected Countries.  You can either send the translated material in Text or HTML format in any Language or to send your English Material and we carry out the translation against reasonable fees. 

After Sale:

Our relationship with you is not ended by your payment. We continuously use our Know How to improve your promotion and we certainly will look forward to achieve this together. 
        Links: As an Advertiser, you can always add your Logo and URL to our Web Sites on reciprocal or unilateral basis. This facility is designed to create Traffic to your Sites and to Increase Sale.
         News: As an Advertiser, you can News about your Business in any Place in the World (239 Countries).
         Public Releases: As an Advertiser, you have the Golden Opportunity to use our (under development) Release Mechanism to increase your Publicity.  



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