Terms of Service

Advanced Advertising Across Global Business (AAAGB)  - powered by InterConsult21, hereafter referred to as Part One and the Advertiser, hereafter referred to as Part Two agreed on the following terms:

Part Two purchases Advertising Area(s) in AAAGB Web sites. Each Area is defined by pixels. 

Part Two may locate his Advertising in any Place in the World and at any Language for the available Core Businesses of AAAGB. The Advertising materials should be in text, html or document format. Part Two is fully responsible for all delivered materials. 

Part Two should translate the Advertising materials to the local language of the selected market(s) if requested. Part One may assist in finding professional Translators.

Part Two may deliver News related to their Business to their own Country or to any Country in the World at English or any other Language. 

Part One is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating all the Software and Webs as well as the uploading of the Customers data as determined by the overall operation of InterConsult21.
Part One is providing Part Two a Free email address.

Business Scope and Globalization:
Part One is professionally targeting the needs for the available Core Businesses and contribution to the Globalization efforts through World Class Companies. Part One will not accept any Advertising materials that harm the Core Businesses and the Globalization efforts. Part One reserves the right to cancel this Agreement in the events of doubts about the scope of the Advertiser.   


Limited Advertising Places:
Part One is committed not to increase the number of available Advertising Places to any category. Part One undertakes continuous improvement to maximize promotion of Part Two.

Part Two is fully responsible for the contents of the delivered material and links to his own Business. Part One is not responsible for any delivered materials. Part Two is advised to keep a copy of all submitted materials as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Part One may cancel the Agreement upon justified complains from third party.

The best way to ensure finding Part Two’s site(s) is for the site(s) to be linked from lots of pages on other sites.

Part One strives to improve and increase the traffic to Part Two. Part One avoids any unreal or false traffic. Part Two has the right to add several URL links to many of Part One’s News Web pages against very low administrative fees.

Part One maintains its strategic advantage by limiting the Advertising places. This is also valid with links. 

Really Simple Syndicates (RSS):
Part One is developing Public Release mechanism to boost traffic to Part Two. Part Two may submit Business related Public Releases to increase traffic to his Business.

Part Two shall be responsible for all taxes that are required to be charged in connection with any order. Value added tax (VAT) shall be added to orders by all European Union (EU) based customers, as applicable. Part Two agrees to pay all such taxes that Part One may include in connection with Part Two’s purchase.

Shopper has the right to Refund if canceling their order within one week of the purchased order. Cancellation should be in written.

Auto Renewal Policy-Credit Card Orders:  
If Part Two pays by Credit Card (e.g., VISA or MasterCard) and checked the Auto Renew box on the order form, the Service will be automatically renewed unless the Credit Card is denied. If the account is auto renewed, Part Two will receive a renewal notification. Part Two may cancel the Service Agreement within 30-days of the auto-renewal registration.

World Class Company:
Part Two may have the options of reserving a Place in the World Class Company. AAAGB is the foundation for World Class Company. The reservation fees will be symbolic to secure a place and will not be used before the full operation of the World Class Concept.

This agreement is considered as principle Agreement between the Two Parties. The Agreement may be replaced with the same terms and conditions. 

This Agreement is valid for one year renewable unless terminated by any party. Part Two should notify Part One about the termination 3 months prior to the date of the expiration. Part One should notify Part Two about the termination 2 months prior to the date of expiration.

All terms and conditions and revealed information from either party are considered confidential.


Part One may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on the Site, and all amendments shall supercede this Agreement and be effective regarding the use of the Site immediately upon posting.


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